Muhammad before Bi`thah (The beginning of the Prophet’s mission)

After alteration of the holly religious books, and people’s corruption away from rightness, Muhammad has raised a true and an honest man. He faced lots of difficulties in his life like being orphan deprived from fathers tender, then the death of his mother and his grandfather, and working on cattle grazing. That was some of suffering which surely made him then a hardy and patient man to invite people to convert to Islam.

Unlike Macca society, Mohammad before coming a prophet didn’t worship their idols (al-Lat and al-Uzza). He was sitting alone and mediating on nature among him and thinking about the creator.

One day Muhammad was sitting in Hiraa cave of Al-Nour mount as usual, suddenly Jibril (Gabriel) the ‘Angel’ came closed to him, hug him intensively, and ordered him to read for three times. Muhammad was illiterate, so he couldn’t read, he got terrified, then he went back to his wife Khadija asking her to cover him.

As a very wise wife; Khadija calmed him down, supported him and she said: “Allah never shames you as you do good to your kith and kin, you also say the truth, you feed the poor people and orphans, you earn what others do not, you  honor the guest, and you help others in adversity and necessities. Then she came with him to a religious man called Waraqa Ibn Nawfal who told him that was a sign of Jibril, so he portended him to be a Prophet, and that was written about in the old Holly Books.