The requisites of woman Hijab in Islam

What are the requisites of woman hijab in Islam?

The answer:

Al-hamdulillah (all praises be to Allah) and Praying and Peace for the Prophet. There are many conditions for Woman hijab if she is in company with unrelated man {not mahram} or in the case of going out.

  • It should cover all of her body except the face and hands. The Islamic scholars differed as to whether it is obligatory to cover them and it is more correct that it is obligatory.
  • It is necessary not to be narrow describes the features of the body.
  • Hijab and clothes must be not transparent.
  • And it should not be similar to men’s clothing or the clothing of infidels, or to someone who is famous for immorality and disobedience
  • Hijab shouldn’t be celebrity dress.
  • And not to be fragrant with perfume or incense in the case of going out.

Translated from ماهى شروط الحجاب بالنسبة للمرأة المسلمة أرجو ذكر الشروط بدون أن تقولوا انظر الفتوى كذا أو كذا ؟