The Story of al Fil Surah (Owners of Elephants)


In Arabic it’s called (Ashab al fil), and it is one of the Quran stories which talked about the previous peoples stubbornness on evil, arrogance, and hurting believed people. Allah mentioned that story to remind the unbelieved people of Quraysh that he is the God of the Ka’ba and he is the only protector.  As usual the story ended by the punishment for the evil characters, and victory of the poor people.

Abraha al-Habashi Decision

The story began when the oppressive king of Yemen, Abrahah Al-Habashi, was angry at the people of Yemen heading to the Hajj towards the Kaaba. The result was that he built a church to stop their pilgrimage to Mecca. But one day someone threw garbage or vandalized his church, so he became furious and decided to prepare an army of soldiers and elephants and go to Mecca (Makkah) to demolish the Kaaba. Some tribes faced them on his way, but Abraha’s army fought them and stole their camels.

The end of The Elephant’s Owners

When they reached the Kaaba, the elephant refused to move to demolish the Kaaba, despite their torture. And the divine punishment came where God sent Flight Birds that carried stones with their feet and their beaks, and threw at Abraha al Ashram’s  army the stones from the fire of Hell. Consequently, the stones made them like green crops devoured.

Have you not considered, [O Muḥammad], how your Lord dealt with the companions of the elephant? (1) Did He not make their plan into misguidance?(2) And He sent against them birds in flocks(3) Striking them with stones of hard clay,(4) (And He made them like eaten straw.)(5) (Al- Feel surah)

Biography مقاصد سورة الفيل قصة عام الفيل للأطفال سورة الفيل – Al-Feel