Five Pillars in Islam {Arkān al-Islām} (briefly)

1The two Testimonies {Shahadatan}

It is the first pillar in Islam. It is the word I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. This phrase is considered the main entrance to Islam, and it means faith and certainty in God alone with no partner. And also faith in all the names and attributes of Allah. Take in consideration that is necessary to utter these two Testimonies in order to convert to Islam.

2) Prayer {Salat}

Praying is the second Pillar of Islam. All the sensible adult Muslims are obliged to pray five times a day and one night.  The obligatory Prayers are performed at Dawn, Noon, Afternoon, Sunset, and Evening. In addition, there are many voluntary Prayers which are not obligatory, and Muslims like to perform them in order to get more reward from Allah, like Morn Prayer, Separate Prayer, Witr Prayer and others.

3) Almsgiving and Charity {Zakat}

Zakat is the amount of money that Muslim have to pay, as he has more than his need, and this money stayed a Hijri year. It is the third Pillar in Islam.

Al Imam Ibn Baz said that Allah has imposed on His slaves the zakat of their money, He ordered them to pay it, and made it from the five pillars of Islam. Allah Almighty said in his Quran { And  establish  prayer  and  give  zakāh  and  obey  the  Messenger  that  you  may receive mercy.} An Noor Chapter <Surah> (verse 56).

It is obligatory for all Muslims to perform their Zakat to those who deserve it as the desire of God, and careful of his punishment, was among those who deserve Allah said in Surat At Taubah Chapter in 60 verse { Zakat is imposed for poor, needy, those who imployed to collect the funds, and to attract those who  have been inclined towards Islam, and to free the captives, and for those in debt, and for Allah’s Cause those who are fighting in a battle for Islam,  and the traveler who is cut off   from everything, a duty imposed by Allah who is all knower, all wise.}

4) Fasting the Month of Ramadan  {Sawm Ramadan}

The holy month of Ramadan is the month of goodness and blessing, the month of fasting and prayer, supplication and reciting the Holly Qur’an. Especially that the Almighty Allah sent the Qur’an through Gabriel Angel to the prophet Muhammed {peace be upon him} on the night of Alqadr. Fasting means to prevent yourself from eating, drinking, and sexual relations from the day dawn to sunrise. Every Muslim must fast if he/she is reasonable, adult, capable, resident, and free of contraindications such as illness, long travel and others. This is the fourth pillar of Islam Pillars.

5) The Pilgrimage to Makkah (Hajj)

Pilgrimage to Makkah (Hajj) is the fifth pillar in Islam. Pilgrimage is the intention to travel and go to the house of God (Kaabah) in certain days, in order to perform some of imposed and grateful worship.

Allah says in the Holly Quran: {Hajj to the house is a duty that mankind owes to Allah} Al Imraan (verse 97)

Prophet Muhammed says: {That Allah Almighty has compelled you to do Hajj}

The wisdom of Hajj is to travel for having a full sincere and pure worship for Allah. It is also to unify Muslims to be the equal despite of all the differences among them through having the same garment for men and doing the same worship.

In Pilgrimage around the Kaabah, Muslims feel of how great Allah is, and they think how trivial the life is.

There are five conditions make the Hajj obligatory. The first and most important is to be Muslim. Second one is to have sound mind with no mental disease. Thirdly, being adult Muslim .Fourthly, is to be free not slave, otherwise the master allows his slave to do Hajj.  The last one is to have the ability to do Hajj through good health and enough money, and have some mahram for woman (mahram should be  male,  Muslim,  adult,  and  of sound mind, and he should  be  a  relative to whom marriage is permanently  forbidden,  such  as  a  father,  brother,  paternal  uncle, maternal uncle, father in law, mother’s husband or brother through radaa’ah (breastfeeding)).