The way of washing body from impurity


I am confused about my washing because of impurity. Some of them told me: I should pour water on the head three times, then the right half of the body, then the left half three times, and finally ablution (wudu). Is this only sufficient?


Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace for the Prophet and his companion.

Washing because of impurity has two features:

  1. A feature of the obligatory washing that if the one perform, it will be sufficient, and his impurity will be removed, that kind combined two things: the first: the intention, which is to wash body with the intention of removing the impurity, and the second: wash the whole body with water.
  2. A feature of the complete washing (ghusl), which is combined the obligatory and the recommendable in the washing (ghusl), and it is described as follows:

He ought to wash his palms before putting them in the bowl, then pour the water by his right hand on his left one, after that he should wash his private part. Then he should perform the whole ablution (wudu) for praying, or he can delay washing his foots to the end of the bathing (ghusl). Then he should rub his hair and pour water by his hands three times to get the whole hair washed. In the end, he ought to pour water on his right part firstly, then the left part, so it is the complete and the best washing. There is an evidence for that above; Ibn ‘Abbas reported it on the authority of Maimuna, his mother’s sister, that she said: “I placed water near the Messenger of Allah (May peace be upon him) to take a bath because of sexual intercourse. He washed the palms of his bands twice or thrice and then put his hand In the basin and poured water over his private parts and washed them with his left hand. He then struck his hand against the earth and rubbed it with force and then performed ablution for the prayer and then poured three handfuls of water on his head and then washed his whole body after which he moved aside from that place and washed his feet, and then I brought a towel (so that he may wipe his body). but he returned it.”

And if the one do the first way of washing (ghusl) which based on the intention and washing the whole body even without ablution during it, that will be sufficient. And that washing is suitable for both man and woman, and she shouldn’t undo her tight hair if the water gets inside the whole hair. By one of these ways man and woman will be purified from impurity. And also this washing is suitable for woman to get purified from menstruation and puerperium.  

Translated from islamweb كيفية الغسل من الجنابة