What is Quran?

Quran is the literal word of God (Allah), so we will tell you the full answer to the question What is Quran?

What is Quran?

It is the holy book of Islam. In addition, God revealed it to the Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel over a period of approximately 23 years, beginning in 610 CE and ending in 632 CE. Besides, Its also know as Qur’an or Koran and is the holy scripture of Islam. And also, God revealed it in Arabic language. However, you can read the Quran in English with the translation.

The Importance of Quran

It holds immense importance for Muslims and also plays a central role in their faith and daily lives such as:

1- Spiritual Guidance

Muslims believe it is the literal word of God (Allah).

2- Religious Authority

It is the ultimate source of authority in Islam. Besides, It takes precedence over all other sources, including hadith.

3- Belief and Creed

It outlines the fundamental beliefs of Islam, including the oneness of God, the role of prophets, the importance of prayer, charity, fasting, and also other essential tenets of faith.

4- Moral and Ethical Framework

It contains guidance on issues such as justice, compassion, honesty, kindness, and also respect for others.

5- Legal and Juridical Basis

Muslims derive from it their Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), Besides the hadith.

6- Cultural and Linguistic Significance

It shaped the development of the Arabic language and also inspired countless works of poetry, prose, and calligraphy.

7- Community Bond

It plays a unifying role within the Muslim community.

Quran facts

  • It is a linguistic miracle in Arabic due to its eloquent style and also unmatched rhetoric.
  • Some verses believe allude to scientific phenomena.

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  • It is the highest standard of Arabic.
  • It has been preserved without any alterations.
  • Beautiful Quranic  Arabic calligraphy in mosques and Islamic art.
  • Many Muslims memorize the entire Quran.
  • The Quranic recitation in Arabic is an essential component of Islamic worship.
  • It is a symbol of Muslim identity and also unity.
  • It is a challenge to produce a verse or chapter like it.

In conclusion, Quran has a great sacred importance in that they follow God’s Guidance through it.


How many versions of the Quran are there?

Muslims believe that it has been preserved in its, it is believed to exist in only one version.

What is Quran in simple words?

It is the sacred book of Islam and is considered by Muslims as “The Word of God”.

What is the Quran and what is its purpose?

It is the holy scripture of Islam. Its primary purpose is to provide guidance and direction for all aspects of life.

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