Muslims consider the Quran, the sacred scripture of Islam, as a revelation. Besides, it’s the literal word of Allah (God) that the angel Gabriel conveyed to Prophet Muhammad. So, How Quran is a miracle?

How Quran is a miracle?

1- Linguistic Excellence

The Quran is unique due to its linguistic beauty, eloquence, and poetic style. In addition, its Arabic composition shows intricate literary structures, unique rhetorical expressions, and a captivating rhythmic flow.

2- Preservation and Uniformity

Allah has protected the Quran since its revelation over 1400 years ago. In addition, Muslims assert that the text has remained unchanged and consistent, devoid of any modifications, additions, or omissions. This remarkable preservation is miraculous, as it ensures that Muslims across different times and places have access to the same unaltered Quranic text.

3- Scientific miracles in Quran

There are specific verses that contain scientific knowledge that was unknown at the time of its revelation. These verses are references to natural phenomena or descriptions that align with scientific discoveries made centuries later. Examples include embryology, the water cycle, the expanding universe, and stages of human development.

4- Prophecies and Foreknowledge

The Quran contains numerous prophecies and predictions that Muslims perceive as fulfilled or currently unfolding. In addition, these prophecies encompass future events, civilisations’ rise and fall, and significant figures’ emergence.

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What is the miracle of Embryology in the Quran?

The Quran describes the development of the human embryo in various stages, using terms that some believe correspond to embryological processes.

Which holy book is scientifically proven?

The Quran, because the Quran mentioned many facts that scientists recently discovered.

How Quran is a miracle?

The Quran is a miracle due to its linguistic beauty, preservation, scientific accuracy, and prophecies. Its formal Arabic language, consistent protection, scientific knowledge ahead of its time, and accurate prophecies are believed to be evidence of its divine origin.

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