Seven Nullifiers of Prayer

It is known that prayer is the most important pillar of Islam after the two testimonies, and because of the importance of this worship, Islam has fully articulated its provisions. It has basics and cornerstones.

  •  Intentionally eating or drinking during prayer

One of the nullifications of prayer is intentionally eating or drinking during prayer, and whether the food is little or much. Deliberately chewing and pushing the food down to the stomach invalidates the prayer.

  •  All what invalidate ablution is nullifier of prayer.

So every action that invalidates purity is a cause of invalidation of prayer. Impurity invalidates ablution and it also invalidates prayer.

  •  Intentionally speaking

  Among the things that nullify prayer are deliberately speaking of strange words not related to prayer. And that is agreed by Islamic jurists. Zaid b. Arqam reported: We used to talk while engaged in prayer and a person talked with a companion on his side in prayer till (this verse) was revealed:” And stand before Allah in devout obedience” (Albaqarah, 238) and we were commanded to observe silence (in prayer) and were forbidden to speak. Sahih Muslim (1231).

  The utterance that invalidates prayer is uttering from two letters and more because there are words in Arabic language consist of two letters.

  • Giggle during the prayer.

Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah – may God have mercy on him – said: “As for smiling, it does not invalidate prayer, but if a giggle during prayer is invalidated”

  •  Some of movement is a nullifier of prayer.

To Ibn- Al- Uthymeen, there are three conditions of invalidity of prayer by movement:

  • To take unusually long time
  • To be done for not necessary
  • To be continuous, that is, without any distinction

If these three conditions are combined in the movement, it becomes null and void for prayer, because it is a movement other than the performing of prayer, and it is contrary to it like speech, because what contradicts prayer invalidates it.

  •  The lack of arrangement among the cornerstones or omit or add some basics of the prayer.

Arranging is one of the pillars of prayer, and the Messenger of God Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – told us to pray as he used to pray, as he said: “Pray as you have seen me pray.”

Just as omitting a pillar in prayer invalidates it, so adding some of its pillars invalidates the prayer if that was deliberately. For example, for a worshiper prostrated three prostrations in one rak’ah, and if he performed his prayers, it would be invalid, unless he was forgetting. Another example, if the prayer did not read Al- Fatehah Sourah in the prayer or in the rak’ah, it would be not valid.

  •  Passing of woman, a donkey, and a black dog in front of the one who prays.

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ), “In case there is not before him (an object) like the back of a saddle, a Muslim’s Salat (prayer) would be cut off by (the passing of) a woman, a donkey and a black dog.” And it concludes: “the black dog is a devil.” [Reported by Muslim].


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