Ablution definition and how to perform correctly

Definition of ablution

The concept of ablution (wudu) should be clarified in linguistic meaning and idiomatic meaning as follows:

Ablution (alwudu) in linguistic meaning: it is derived from (wada’ah) which means beauty, cheerfulness, and clean.

Ablution in idiomatic meaning: Using pure water to wash certain organs, and it is necessary be started with the intention.

God Almighty prescribed ablution as an act of worship in itself, and a condition for the validity of the worship of prayer.

How to perform ablution perfectly?

There ate many steps should Muslim do one after the other.

  1. To have intention to perform ablution with his heart without uttering the intention, because the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, did not utter the intention in his ablution or prayer, nor any of his acts of worship
  2. Then saying “By the name of Allah”.
  3. Washing hands three times.
  4. Rinsing and inhaling three times.
  5. Washing his face three times from ear to ear in crosswise and from the roots of his hair to the length of the beard.
  6. Washing hands three times from tiptoe to the elbows, starting with the right, then the left.
  7. Wiping head once, wetting hands, then passing them from the front of his head to the back, then returning to the front.
  8. Wiping ears once, inserting the forefinger into their meatus and wiping the back of his thumbs.
  9. Washing  feet three times from tiptoe to heel, starting with the right, then the left.


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