Six Ways to Boost The Immune System in The Body

In light of the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic, the search for ways to stimulate the body’s immune system has increased. There are many ways to improve immune system in order to resist diseases in general and coronavirus in especial.

Firstly: Eat foods that contain vitamin C and zinc.

Vitamin C boosts immunity by increasing the production of white blood cells. It is found in citrus fruits, kiwis, and bananas. In addition, zinc is essential for the production of immune cells, and studies have shown that low levels of zinc in the body weaken the immune system. It is found in nuts, fishes, meat, and tahini.

Secondly:  Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily.

Studies have confirmed the importance of vegetables, fruits, grains, and leafy vegetables as they reduce the risk of cancer.

Thirdly: Eat garlic.

It is an effective stimulant of the immune system, and it play an important role in producing vapors that help ease breathing and materials resist viruses and fungi.

Fourthly: Exercise regularly, and have adequate sleep.  

Exercising in general is one of the main ways to prevent diseases. It stimulates bowel health and reduces the risk of prostate cancer for men and breasts for women. Also having adequate sleep keep the body active and stimulate the immune system.

Fifthly: Avoid anxiety and stress.

Both of them has negative effect on the immune system as the hormone cortisol is greatly activated with chronic stress. Dr. Berg said “High cortisol causes a decrease in total antibody production.

Also, high cortisol causes a break in cellular barriers, which may increase your susceptibility to contracting viral and bacterial infections.”

Sixthly: Have fasting experience.

As a Muslim community, they have to fast within Ramadan month. It is a good chance to strengthen the immune system. Professor Longo said that when your body cells are starved, these cells become more resistant to stress and have a longer life. When fasting for three days, your body gives the signal to start regenerating stem cells, which are one of the most important cells in the body. Where a complete immune system is built within only three days, and during these three days the weak, affected parts of the old system are eliminated, and an immune system is produced that is more able to distinguish viruses and get rid of them with very high efficiency.

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