Salman al Farisi -The Search of the Truth-

Salman Al-Farsi was a man from Isfahan, being grew up within magianism (fire worshiping), he worshiped fire, and his father was rich and wealthy. Salman was the most precious to his father’s heart, and he imprisoned him to prevent him from moving away from him and converting to another religion.

Once time he went out and while he was walking, he heard some bills, saw some worshipers in the church and see their prayers. He asked them about the origion of that religion, they answered: Al –Cham. He liked their religion and told his father that church religion is better than the worshiping of fire. As a result, his father chained him and prisoned him.

Salman al Farisi asked his Christion friends to tell him when the merchants of al Cham came and wanted to come back to their country, so that he can join to them. His friends helped him joining to the merchants and finally travelled to Al- Cham.

Living in the al Cham with the church bishop (high priest) is the first turning point in his life.

He wanted to learn worship and prayer in the church, but he is shocked when he discovered how bad the high prelate was.  And when he died, they told the worshipers about the truth of the bad died prelate who stole the charity for him.

The new bishop unlike the previous, he was pious and religious. Salman lived with them and learned from him until he was about to die, so he asked him, before being dead, who was the better man like you to be joined with him. Thus, Salman’s journeys in learning religion and worship continued… until the last teacher told him before his death to go to the Arabian Peninsula so that he could meet the Prophet of God who follows the religion of the Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him, and one of his characteristics on his back there is the Seal of Prophethood, and does not eat alms but accepts the gift.. And finally he arrived there but badly, by a group of people who deceived him had sold it to a Jewish man… Until he met him and offered him dates but the Prophet did not eat, then Salman told him that it is a gift, then he ate.

Salman had checked up the prophet in the charity and gift, but still did not sure about the seal of the prophethood. He walked behind the prophet Mouhamed, so the prophet uncover his back to show the seal of the prophethood. So he cried and kissed Mohamed and became a right Muslem. And he joined them in the battle of The Ditch. And he was the one who had suggested digging the ditch before the battle, and it was a good new idea which was good reason to win the battle.