Why did Allah create pig and forbade eating its meat?

The wisdom of the creation of pigs is to clean the earth from waste and carrion, and not to be food for humans, as it has a great role in cleaning and disinfecting the environment.

It is a filthy, gunky and lazy animal, and it eats plants, animals, carrion and garbage, as well as eating its excrement and the excrement of other animals, and this is one of the reasons for its playing a major role in causing many diseases to humans.

The pig lives in dirt and eats filth, in addition to being the animal that does not care about what other males of pigs do sexually with his pig, so he is not jealous, unlike other animals that defend his female; that because its bad food which it eats. And there are studies prove that the good food leads to good behavior and vice versa. Consequently, the most of people who eat swine have bad habits or bad behavior, have less jealousy.

Moreover, its meat contains high percentage of fats and cholesterol more than other animals, therefore, people who eat it suffer from more diseases than others, such as hardening of arteries, cholelithiasis, and heart diseases. In studies conducted on animals, it was found that the animals which were fed with food containing large amounts of fat extracted from pork, they had an increase in the percentage of colon and breast cancer. And in humans it was found that breast, colon, breast, prostate, pancreas, uterus and rectum cancer increased by increasing fat. Pig contains large amounts of fat, which interferes with the meat, so it is very difficult to separate fat from meat. It was also found that pork contains many carcinogens.

There are many other diseases caused by eating swine for instance, swine erysipelas, swine fever, taenia solium, and salmonella.

it is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in Al-Anaam surah(145) ” Say, “I do not find within that which was revealed to me [anything] forbidden to one who would eat it unless it be a dead animal or blood spilled out or the flesh of swine – for indeed, it is impure – or it be [that slaughtered in] disobedience, dedicated to other than Allāh.[357] But whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit], then indeed, your Lord is Forgiving and Merciful.”

It is obvious that swine meat is forbidden to be eaten, because it is impure as it is said above. But if the one is forced to eat a little of swine, for example, one is hungry and is about to die because there is nothing to eat in a very far place, and he find some swine, in this case he can eat a little that makes him alive.

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