Why do Muslims wear hijab?

If you are wondering Why do Muslim women wear hijab? Why girls and women have to cover their hair in Islam? we’re going to tell you the right answer.

Why do Muslims wear hijab?

The main purpose of wearing a hijab is as an act of obedience to their faith. Besides, They believe that it is a commandment from God as mentioned in the Quran, the holy book of Islam. Moreover, The Quran instructs Muslim women to cover their bodies and hair in the presence of non-mahram (those who are not closely related) men. In addition, This is a form of modesty and a way to maintain one’s dignity and purity.

Importance of hijab in Islam

In Islam, the hijab holds significant importance as it is a religious obligation by many scholars and has a deep association with several key principles and values. You can understand the importance of the hijab in Islam in the following ways:

  1. It is a means of safeguarding one’s dignity and purity.
  2. Muslim Women believe that God has instructed them to cover their bodies, and they choose to do so out of faith and devotion.
  3. It helps Muslim women express their commitment to Islamic principles and values in a visible way.
  4. The hijab can be seen as a means of promoting equality by shifting the focus away from external appearances.
  5. For some Muslim women, wearing the hijab is a source of spiritual growth and also a reminder of their faith. Moreover, it can serve as a constant reminder to adhere to Islamic principles in their daily lives.

At what age do Muslims wear hijab?

According to Islamic instructions, girls have to start wearing the hijab when they reach puberty, which is typically around the age of 13 to 14. This is because Islamic guidelines regarding modesty become more applicable and relevant at this stage.

Rules of wearing a hijab

  1. The purpose of why Muslims wear hijab is to cover the hair, neck, and chest of a Muslim woman. The hair is considered part of the ‘awrah,’ which is the body area that should be covered in front of non-mahram (those who are not closely related) men.
  2. The clothing worn with the hijab should be loose-fitting and non-revealing. It should not display the contours of the body.
  3. The clothing should be long enough to cover the entire body, including the arms and legs. Besides, it should also be non-transparent, so as not to reveal what is underneath.
  4. Muslim women should not dress in a way that imitates men’s clothing.
  5. Jewellery and other adornments should not be excessively displayed when wearing the hijab. you can see The requisites of woman Hijab in Islam

In conclusion, Islam is saving girls and women by wearing Hijab. Besides, the Hijab does not only mean covering hair but also not wearing tight clothes.

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Is it ok to show a little hair with a hijab?

No, the Hijab must cover all the hair.

Who can see hair under hijab?

Only mahram are fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, milk brothers, sons, and husbands.

Is hijab mandatory in Islam?

Many scholars and Muslims believe that wearing the hijab is mandatory for Muslim women based on their interpretation of Islamic texts.

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